PASCAL English School Nicosia Chipre



PASCAL English School is a six-year English-medium secondary school whose graduates receive an Apolytirion (national secondary school leaving qualification). The school was founded in 1988 and is fully recognised by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus. It belongs to one of the largest and most reputable educational organisations in Cyprus, PASCAL Education.


PASCAL English School Year 1 corresponds to Year 7 of the English educational system. As it is a six-year secondary school its pupils graduate having completed Year 12.


Lower school pupils follow a broad curriculum consisting of 11 compulsory subjects. Upper school pupils study 4 core subjects plus 3 to 6 additional optional subjects. In addition to their school work, which is geared towards the Apolytirion, pupils may take the IGCSE, GCE AS and A level exams in their optional subjects. Alternatively, pupils may follow the 2-year International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme which again leads to the Apolytirion and the IB Diploma/Certificates.


The graduates are accepted and evaluated for entry to UK, other European and US universities, based on their Apolytirion grade. Few Higher Education Institutions in the UK may, additionally, request some of the above mentioned external qualifications for some courses.


Overseas pupils are admitted after their last progress report has been examined and/or after having invited the pupil for a skype interview. Pupils may be asked to take a diagnostic test in English and/or Mathematics.



• school years 1-3

double room € 21 000, single room € 23 000

• school years 4-6

double room € 24 000, single room € 26 000