Courses in St. George International College


Courses in St. George International College - Universe Study



General English Сourses in Canada

• General English (ESL)

• ESL Programs for all levels beginner to advanced

• Semi Intensive English (12.5 Hours/W )
• Intensive English (18.75 Hours/W )
• Full-Time Intensive English ( 25 Hours/W )
• Full-time Plus ( 30 Hours/W )
• X-Intensive English ( 30 Hours/W )

• ESL Teachers


Exam Preparation St. George International College



• Cambridge Exam Preparation


DIPLOMA St. George International College

• Business English Diploma Program

• English for Professionals - Korean English Interpretation & Translation Program

• Speaking for Success Program

• ESL Methodologies for Children

• Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test

• Conversation Classes


University / College Pathway Program (UCPP)


UCPP is an intensive 12 week/300hour university and college preparation program open to graduates of SGIC Advanced ESL Program. UCPP is designed for students planning to attend college in Toronto. This is an advanced level program and focuses on providing students with the skills necessary to succeed at the college level.