Centre International d'Antibes - Courses for parents and kids

Courses for parents and kids



Founded in 1985, the Centre International d'Antibes is today one of the biggest centres specialising in the teaching of French as a foreign language.


French for Families

During school vacation, a family language program proposing tuition and activities adapted for adults and teenagers with accommodation for all family members.
Only one member of the family needs to attend the course for the whole family to benefit from this offer.


Standard French Courses for ages 18+

20 lessons per week - 249€/week

20 lessons + 4 one to one lessons - 445€/week

30 lessons per week - 375€/week

30 lessons + 4 one to one - 571€/week

25 lessons(mini group conversation) - 355€/week

Individual Course - 49€ per lesson


Junior Courses for ages 12-17

20 lessons per week - 249€/week

26 lessons per week - 322€/week


French lesson & activities

are adapted for the youngest students for ages 8-11 - 249€/week


Centre International d'Antibes. Accommodation:

Double studio (2 beds) - 280-740€/week

Triple Studio (3 beds) - 420-1110€/week

2 double studios (3 or 4 beds) - 560-1480€/week


Supplement for guest (non student resident) - 80 €

Extra cost for one week course (except for individual tuition) - 50 €