Bellerbys College - Pre-Master Courses



If you're planning on undertaking a Masters degree, you may want to ensure that you make the very best of your financial outlay. Bellerbys College offers a unique, Pre-Masters course which combines English language training, research, presentation and study skills with optional GMAT classes.


Bellerbys College have a long-standing reputation for success in this area, and over the past 15 years, many students have gone on to attain places on a number of MBA, MSc and MA programmes at over 50 of the UK's most eminent universities. Having taken an undergraduate degree, students can apply to any UK university depending on their final grade. By studying a Pre-Master courses in the UK, you can ensure you are fully prepared for the wider world of work.


A major benefit of the Pre-Masters course is that it allows you valuable time to get used to the way of life in the UK and the academic system


Aged: 21

Course length:1 or 2 terms

Fees per term: £4,840