Macromedia University for Media and Communication - MHMK


Macromedia University for Media and Communication MHMK operated under the name Macromedia Fachhochschule der Medien (MFM, Macromedia University of Applied Sciences for Media) until September 2008. This in turn had its origins in the Macromedia Akademie, a specialist in media-related basic and advanced training with 15 years of experience (ten of those years in the area of university study) and more than 20,000 course graduates. The university's trustee company, Macromedia GmbH, was founded in 1993.


MHMK, Macromedia University for Media and Communication, follows these developments in its capacity as a university, and conceives itself as a place for reflecting on all aspects of media society. Our courses of study cover the broad spectrum of modern media careers, from management, and content jobs such as journalism, to the creative fields of design, gaming, and film and television.


With over 80 professorships and over 2000 students in all five media centres of Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin and Milan, the University trains the next generation of media talent for an international media society. Beside that, Macromedia has recently started a project for a new international campus in Milan, Italy.


Bachelor's Degree Programs:

· Film and Television

· Journalism

· Media and Communication Design

· Media Management

· Media and Communication Management


Master's Degree Programs:

· Journalism M.A.

· Media and Communication Management M.A.

· Media and Design M.A.

· Open Media M.A.