Fundesem Business School



FUNDESEM Business School is an international business school located in the city of Alicante.


We train and prepare people to achieve their professional ambitions.


Our ethos is based on the values of quality, warmth and adaptability, our courses are oriented towards "knowing how to do" and we help our students to face the future with confidence and certainty.


Programs. FUNDESEM Business School



International Master in Business Administration (IMBA)

International MBA Executive(IME)

Master en Comercio Internacional (MACI)

Master in Legal Consulting for Businesses (MAJE)

Master in Legal Practice (MAB)

Master in Tax Law Consulting for Businesses (MAFE)

Master of Hospitality Management

Master of Business Languages (MBL)


FUNDESEM Business School Prices


International MBA(IMBA) - 12.075 € (English language) Start date - October

MBA + Specialization - 12.075 € (Spanish language) Start date - October/March

International MBA Executive, IME - 17.350€ в год(Spanish language) Start date - February/ June/ November

Duration - 1 year