Summer Camp in SKOLA Regent's Park



SKOLA Regent's Park

SKOLA Regent's Park is located in the heart of central London, near Regent's Park with an annex 5 minutes away for 3-9 year old students (Regent's Park Hellenic Centre). Every year there are children from over 40 countries taught in classes of maximum 18 students. Lunch is provided in the school canteen Monday-Friday. There is an outside activity area and a door-to-door minibus service is available within the Minibus Zone.


Our summer school operates during the months of June, July and August. The main focus of this programme is for students to improve their English through fun activities. As well as General English, learners have opportunities to develop English through other disciplines like Art, Drama, Science, Maths and Geography. These are linked together by weekly projects such as "All About Me" and the "Discover London" academic excursion to museums, galleries and famous historical sites. An afternoon of sport is also included where students practise hand-eye co-ordination and undertake aerobic exercise, such as rounders, sports and outdoor games.


Minimum stay is 2 weeks.


23 hour programme (including academic excursion and English through sports).


All classes are taught by specialist teachers with experience of working with 3-9 year old children.


Registration fee - £90

Summer School fee per week - £475

Parent & Child accommodation fee per week - £415

Door-to-door minibus service per week - £105

Arrival/Departure (for up to 3 people including an adult) - £100