Higher education in the Czech Republic

Higher education in the Czech Republic Universe Study


Czech Republic is one of the few European countries where foreigners can get a higher education free of charge. There are 26 public and 46 private Universities in the Czech Republic.


It's possible to study for free in public Universities, where the teaching language is Czech mainly. However, even in private Universities the fee is not so high - from 500 euros per semester.


Czech higher education system fully complies with European and is divided into three levels: bachelor, master and doctorate. Bachelor program lasts for three years. After the end of this stage the graduates receive a University degree "Bachelor". With a bachelor degree, you can start to work but only on the average level.


For further career a Master degree is required, it lasts for 2 more years. The students are allowed to change the university, the faculty and the profession. Graduates of this stage have a completed higher education with the "Master" degree.


Then you can continue your education in doctoral studies, where the studies last for 2-3 years, followed by examination and thesis. Upon graduation the student receives academic title of "Doctor". The Czech Republic offers also a great opportunity for postgraduate education: professional training courses and MBA programs.


For admission to state Universities of the Czech Republic all foreigners must pass an examination in the Czech language.


Depending on the specialty, you will also need to pass 2-3 exams. On the humanities, An additional foreign language is usually required for humanities.