Seville Excursions & Activities

Seville Excursions & Activities






The most common weekly activities at the Seville Spanish school, held during the afternoon / evening, are:


• Welcome dinner in a typical restaurant with a professor

• Guided city tour through the most important and interesting parts of town

• Visits to Seville's museums (Archaeological, Arts & Customs...)

• Spanish film nights

• Visit to Maestranza bullring & bullfighting museum

• Museum visits


Weekend Excursions from Seville


Seville's prime location allows us to offer trips to 2 different countries - Portugal and Morocco - as well as local visits within the city, nearby beaches and small town treasures. These trips are scheduled for weekends. Below you can see a few of oru most common weekend trips:


• Córdoba • Carmona • Itálica • Isla de Tavira • Cádiz

• Granada