St Peter's School English Courses

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General English Courses


Intensive Courses


Examination Courses:

IELTS, Summer intensive FCE course


English with Golf (Professional golf lessons & practice)


One to one /two to one classes


General English Plus Intensive Business English


English Plus Horseriding


English Plus Tennis


Lessons at all levels focus on grammar, vocabulary, accuracy, fluency and pronunciation. To ensure you have a balanced timetable, you will also focus on reading, listening, speaking and writing.


Most practice of grammar and vocabulary in the classroom is done in pairs and small groups so you can become more confident when speaking English.


Afternoon classes focus mostly on fluency, practising what has been covered in the morning.


Small class sizes give you a good opportunity to use your English and a chance to make friends in your group. Regular tutorials give you a chance to discuss your progress with your teacher as well as areas for improvement.