Cuba Excursions & Activities

Cuba Cultural Activities




Spanish schools in Cuba. Cultural Activities

Our Spanish schools in Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Trinidad organize activities in the same fashion.

Students also gather at a meeting point every night at 8:30pm. Here they decide if they want to go out, and where they want to go, etc. Alternatively, they may choose to stay where they are to socialize and play a game of domino.


Some of the most common activities are:

• A guided tour of the city (Havana, Santiago de Cuba or Trinidad)

• Swimming pool

• Beach trips

• Party night at a teacher's home

• Dance & music classes

• Santeria (you can witness

• Santeria or consult with Santeria priests)


Cuba Weeekend Excursions

Every Thursday at 8:30pm, students gather at a meeting point to make plans for the weekend. Students that want to go on the same excursion can travel together and consequently reduce transportation costs. Taxis are usually the best method of transportation for excursions around Cuba.


The most popular excursions are:

• The cities of Trinidad, Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Varadero, Viñales, Pinar del Río...

• Horseback riding

• Snorkeling

• Boating excursion


Prices average about $25 US for day trips and $50 US for weekend trips.