Summer Camps in Spain

Summer Camps in Spain Enforex



Summer Language Courses

Summer language courses are organized into 20 lessons per week, with 4 lessons everyday, Monday through Friday (Except at the Marbella Albergue Camp, where students receive 25 lessons per week). Each class is 45 minutes in length, and we set a maximum of 14 students per class in order to ensure individualized attention.

Summer Camp Sports

The best time for youngsters to improve and develop their athletic skills is the summer! At Enfocamp Summer Camps in Spain, we offer 3 types of summer camp sports:
• Afternoon sports open to all campers
• "optional sports" that students may book in advance if they have a special interest in working on athletic skills in a specific field
• Sports camp for those students who want to focus on sports throughout the summer

Optional Sports & Sports Camp

Students may choose to focus extra time on any of the following sports. Availability depends on the camp you choose.


  Location Available Price 
Soccer Barcelona 1250€ per 2-weeks
Tennis Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella (all 3), Salamanca 1250€ per 2-weeks
Paddleball Marbella Alborán, Marbella Alemán 1250€ per 2-weeks
Horseback Riding Madrid, Marbella (all 3), Salamanca 1250€ per 2-weeks
Golf Marbella (all 3) 1250€ per 2-weeks
Swimming Madrid, Marbella Alborán, Marbella Alemán 1250€ per 2-weeks
Sailing Valencia 1250€ per 2-weeks

Everything included 30 hours of chosen sport per 2-week session, full board accommodation, 24 hour counselor supervision, and workshops, activities, excursions.

Day Camp & Language Course Only

Day Camp (Monday - Friday) - 495 /week; 795 /2 weeks

Language Course Only - 225/week; 450/2 weeks

Application fee: 55€